Marbled Salamander

Adopt-a-Trail Workday (Marbled Salamander)

Saturday, December 12, 2015 (updated)

9:00 AM – around 1:30 PM

We will be clearing our adopted trails (Boardwalk Loop, Weston Lake Loop Trail, Oakridge Trail and Sims Trail) before Thanksgiving holiday, one of the busiest weekends of the year at the park. A lot of local residents bring their families to visit the Park on the Thanksgiving Day weekend, and we will want the trails to be ready for them. There will be plenty of flotsam on the trails from the recent floods, so the focus will be more on dragging material off the trail rather than pruning back vegetation.

We will meet at the Visitor Center at 9 AM and will finish in the early afternoon. Work gloves, light hiking boots, plenty of water, and a snack are recommended. If you have loppers, long-handled shears or bow saws, bring them along. Friends members and Park staff will provide gear if you do not have any. Please contact John Grego (; 803-331-3366) if interested.

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