Harry Hampton Visitor Center

Congaree Geology from Bluff to Bluff

Saturday, March 18, 2023, 9 am-2 pm

Learn about the complex geology of the Congaree River valley from the man who wrote the book (and drew the map)—Dr. David Shelley, Integrated Resources Manager and Old-growth Bottomland Forest Research and Education Center Director. On this half-day trip, David will discuss Congaree River floodplain margin geology in Richland County. We will meet at the Harry Hampton Visitor Center and take a carpool to Garrick Road, South Cedar Creek landing, Bannister Bridge and then return to the Visitor Center.   At these sites, we will learn about river terrace complexes and floodplain margins.  As David notes, “margins are where it’s at” geologically, topographically and ecologically.  Expect to study margins along the Cedar Creek bluffs, alluvial fans and groundwater rim swamps.  Bring a lunch, snacks and water and be prepared for early spring weather. This outing is solely for members of Friends of Congaree Swamp and will be limited to 15 participants. Contact John Grego at friendsofcongareeswamp@gmail.com or 803-331-3366 to register.