Sugarberry Hike

Saturday, March 7, 9:30am-12pm

The state champion Sugarberry resides a short distance off the Weston Lake Loop Trail, though access can be difficult since a water crossing needs to be negotiated in order to reach it.  The tree is one of a handful of the park’s champion trees that is truly exceptional for its kind.  At almost 14 feet around and over 120 feet tall, it is simply much larger than other Sugarberry that have been documented at Congaree National Park.  Since losing a large limb a few years ago, the tree has been in decline and likely will not live long.  Even though it is difficult to visit, it is fitting to make the attempt.

We will plan our trip at a most appropriate time of year.  The early spring foliage of sugarberry trees is the most beautiful in the park, and the color will be at its peak when we visit.  In addition to the champion Sugarberry, we will visit some nearby large hardwoods and make an optional trip to another large Sugarberry off Sims Trail.

Come prepared for a water crossing–a large stable log crosses much of the gut, but a small stretch of knee-deep water will have to be negotiated; we will do everything in our power to assist with a dry crossing.  The hike is only two or three miles on good terrain; dress appropriately for the weather and bring water and a snack.  RSVP to John Grego at friendsofcongarees; we or (803) 331-3366.