2024 Research Symposium Videos

Jonathan Manchester (Congaree National Park)


Biosphere Introduction
Cliff McCreedy (National Park Service)


Four Decades of the Congaree Biosphere Region (Chair: Carson Lillard)

Fran Rametta Interviews (Congaree National Park)
Origins of Congaree Biosphere Region Application

Impact of Biosphere Designation

Biosphere Partners

Role as Educator and Interpreter

Rachel Post (Department of Defense-Family Morale, Welfare and Recreation): Congaree Biosphere Region Periodic Review

David Shelley (US Forest Service): Congaree Biosphere Region 2016-2021

Guillermo Espinosa (SC Department of Transportation): Congaree Biosphere Region 2022-2023

Session 1: Biodiversity and Conservation Research (Chair: John Kupfer)

Toby Feaster (USGS): An Overview of the USGS streamflow network and the importance of long-term records

Janet Steele (Clemson University): A thorny predicament: Assessing Eleagnus management strategies in wooded areas

Joe Quattro (USC): Population genetic structure for the synchronous firefly-Photuris frontalis


Session 2: Integrating Local Communities in Research and Monitoring  (Chair: Tameria Warren)

Jessica Elfenbein (USC): Shifting the narrative: How researching Congaree’s lumber, wood products and forest conservation changes what we know about SC’s history

Robert Reese (Town of Eastover): The Lower Richland CEAL collaborative: A STEM social justice initiative

Kirstin Dow (USC): Heat mapping in the Columbia Metro Region

Session 3: Towards Environmentally Sustainable Regional Development in the Congaree Biosphere Region (Chair: John Grego)

Jeremy Dertien (University of Leipzig, Natura Connect): An integrated spatial prioritization for the conservation of biodiversity and ecosystem services

John Kupfer (USC): Spatial patterns of conservation benefits, priorities, and barriers

Lauren Doran (Green Infrastructure Center): The Green Heart: Protecting and connecting the Congaree Biosphere Region for wildlife and people

Session 4: Monitoring Data and Park Management Panel (Chair: Greg Hauburger)

Fran Rametta interview (Congaree National Park): Synchronous fireflies and the park as a destination

Gregory Cunningham (US Forest Service)
Jonathan Manchester (Congaree National Park)
Claudia Santiago (US EPA)
Liz Struhar (US Forest Service)

Session 5: The Future of Congaree Biosphere Region Panel (Chair: Cliff McCreedy)

Tameria Warren (South East Rural Community Outreach)
Aric Jensen (Richland County)
Quinton Epps (Richland County)
Gregory Sprouse (Central Midlands Council of Governments)